Adopt a Mustang or Burro

Going directly to a BLM holding facility is a great way to adopt, especially if you want one NOW, have something particular in mind (like a certain size, age, or color), or don't want to wait for a weekend adoption to come to an area near you.

If you live too far away to go to one in person, most of them now participate in the BLM's regular Internet Adoption

For more information, check with the BLM National Website There are currently facilities in Arizona, California Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, & Wyoming.

If you live in the state where the facility is located, you may adopt and take home your new Mustang or burro on the same day. If you are from out of state, there will be a short (10 days to 2 weeks usually) waiting period after you adopt before you can take your new horse or burro home. This is due to brand inspection and Coggins test requirements for bringing a horse or burro across state lines. Internet Adoption horses and horses at special adoption events and travelling adoptions are ready to go - all paperwork and tests completed.

Be sure to call to make an adoption appointment.

Benny in the loading chute at Palomino Valley BLM Center, getting ready to go home

BLM has wild horse training agreements with state correctional institutions or private contractors in: CO, KS, NV, OK and WY. These locations also serve as adoption centers. To learn more about all permanent adoption centers, please see list below for the closest facility to you!

For more information, check with the BLM National Website  
Newly-gathered horses being released into a large corral at Palomino Valley, our nation's largest wild horse and burro holding and adoption facility



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