Summer 2006 at Palomino Valley: Buck & Bald, Maverick-Medicine Horses

The NIASN program has been canceled.  Instead PVC will be posting more PVC horses available on the official internet adoption listings managed through BLM's Eastern States office.  PVC will continue posting photos of horses available at the facility for adoption however the adopter will have to load out from PVC.  Eastern States will select horses from our postings and move them to their adoption page when they are holding an adoption.

In some aspect we were managing a redundant program because Eastern States does provide some shipping to horses adopted from their internet site.

The NIASN program did not produce the numbers of adoptions we expected.
The public's response was positive though small.  Since January we adopted
out 36 head on the NIASN program and 10 of those loaded out from PVC.

If you or the public feel that you need to voice your opinions or concerns
we have designated a central contact point.
Dean Bolstad can be reached at;
Palomino Valley General Inventory:

For adoption of Nevada mustangs and burros:

Michael Myers
Assistant Operations Manager
National Wild Horse and Burro Center,
Palomino Valley
Cell (775)223-9046
Fax (775)475-2053

If you are interested in volunteering for the BLM’s WH&B program or have specific mustang and burro questions, please contact your local BLM office.  Following is a list of BLM servicing offices and contact information.

  • Arizona – Kelly Grissom – (602) 417-9441

  • California – Janet Neal – (775) 861-6614 or Tom Pogacnik (916) 978-4637

  • Colorado – Fran Ackley – (719) 269-8511

  • Eastern States – Karen Malloy – (703) 440-1592

  • Idaho – Tom Miles – (208) 373-3804

  • Montana, South and North Dakota – Linda Coates-Markle (406) 896-5223

  • Nevada – Suzie Stokke – (775) 861-6469

  • New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas – Bob Mitchell – (405) 790-1045

  • Oregon – Gary McFadden - (541) 573-4492

  • Utah – Gus Warr – (801) 539-4057

  • Wyoming – Alan Shepard – (307) 775-6097

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