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Dawn & Bert Burros

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We witnessed the gather of the Blue Wing HMA burros on September 15, 2003. I had never really been interested in burros much, but I was impressed by their beauty and really noble attitude through the gather process. They never panicked, never lost their dignity. They were calm and collected. The first burros brought in were a black jenny and her newborn foal. Michael and I fell in love, and determined to adopt them when they became available.

Unfortunately, the stress of the gather and subsequent crowded conditions at the holding facility resulted in a pneumonia epidemic, and the black jenny, along with 19 other burros, died.

Dawn, Bert, & Brett Lappin brought the little black foal, along with another orphan burro, to their house to nurse. The other foal, a grey dun male, was pretty sick. We told them that if they could save these two, we would be happy to adopt them (assuming the Lappins didn't want to, and they didn't). Finally, on October 26, we completed the adoption process and brought them home.

Bert and Dawn Lappin say goodbye to Bert and Dawn Burros

At home

Michael watches "Synchronized Scratching"

"Dawn" makes friends with our daughter, Saanen
Bert, Dawn, & Max the Mammoth are wondering what that little silver box is in front of Mike's face.
2007 - These guys have always been our babies, so we haven't pushed them to learn much. But now that they are coming four years old, it's time they learned a few things. So here is Bert learning to load into the trailer. Not a problem!
Bert also had no trouble with the blue tarp.
Dawnie, that was another story!

But she is a sweetie!

She does load into the trailer just as well, but she doesn't like the blue tarp... yet


So in mid-July, we decided it was time for Bert to start saddle training. We put on the saddle and pad - no problem

Then I got on - again, no problem. I was afraid he might not be big enough to ride, but he felt very secure on his feet with me on his back.

His "Back-Up" could definitely use some more work...

But all in all, it was a pretty cool first ride!

No problem with the "mounting block" - which I wouldn't need if we had a proper donkey saddle, but this horse saddle is way too loose...

Well done, Bert! Now he gets to graze as a reward.
Sadly, Bert acquired a wasting disease of unknown etiology (we had lots of tests done and know a lot of things it was NOT, but not what it was). When his quality of life diminished too much, we had him put down in 2014. 

The loss of Bert was hard on little Dawn, but she eventually recovered, and is now fast friends with Max, and actually gets along very well with everyone.