Ruby - BLM Wild Mustang Filly
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Ruby from Twin Peaks, Our First BLM Mustang

October 23, 2000: 2 hours after arriving at our house from the BLM Adoption, our daughter, Saanen,  posed with our new filly.
Wild, huh?

January, 2004: Ruby & Michael

2005: at a Jerry Tindell Challenges Clinic

Fall, 2006: Ruby has matured into a beautiful mare. Mike is training her to both ride and drive.

Fall 2007: Riding at Pt. Reyes National

Ruby in fall of 2008 on The Fearful Crossing Wagon Train & Pioneer Trail Ride

We adopted Ruby, our first mustang, on October 22, 2000 at the BLM Satellite Adoption in Vallejo, CA. She was a bright, inquisitive-looking filly, who was so light on her feet, she nearly floated when she ran.

She "chose" us, in a way. We had planned on getting a buckskin or a pinto, and this little girl was plain brown. But she kept looking at us, almost haunting us. Every time we looked over in her direction, she was looking back at us! Michael reported that he woke up in the middle of the night after our visit on Friday, and he "saw" the little filly looking right at him. He went back Saturday morning and adopted her!

Before we loaded her up for home, we asked Lesley Neuman*, the on-site mentor, if she would work with her for a little while to show us how to get started.  

Lesley agreed. It took about an hour and a half, to get Ruby to accept touching and stand calmly with a human. She was off to a great start - the initial contact with people had started, and she was on her way to being gentled.

* We were so impressed by Lesley's work that we made her a video for new adopters. Click here for more info about that.

Follow Ruby's Progress:

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