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CASE HISTORIES of Mustangs and other wild or unhandled horses that we have gentled and trained

Also, see Adventures in Halter Training

Learning to gentle and train our mustangs has been a very exciting and rewarding venture for us. Getting Sparky, Ruby and Benny to the point where we can take them out on the trail and out to mingle with the public is just such a great feeling. However, having put all that time and energy into learning this stuff, it seems a shame to just leave it at three horses. So we occasionally take in a temporary horse, either as a rescue or a BLM Volunteer project, to give the horse a boost toward finding a good "forever" home. We also occasionally are called to help a new adopter get through a tough place with their new horse.

I offer their case histories in hopes that the information may be useful to others who have adopted or are considering adopting a mustang or similar unhandled horse. Please understand that we are just lay people - not professional trainers. So if we can do it, so can you!


2 year-old Red Colt

2-year-old Bay Colt

Root Beer, PMU Foal

3-Year-Old Red Filly/Mare

Black Filly
(now Evie)

Horse Psychology 101
Pressure and Release

Just Spend Time
Bamboo Pole Method of Gentling
Desensitizing, Rope and Flag Work
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Leading and Standing Still
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Working With Feet

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