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Wild Horse In The Central States

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There ARE wild horses in the Central States

But they aren't covered under the 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Protection Act, and are not managed by either BLM or USFS.

Missouri Wild Horses

In the late 1700's and early 1800's wild horses were so plentiful in this region that many old maps simply says "Wild Horses" over the entire area. By now they are mostly gone, but there are still small pockets of wild horses here and there, mostly on private or State-controlled lands. Theodore Roosevelt National Park has a small "demonstration herd" of Nokota wild horses.

Missouri Wild Horse League(FB) and Missouri's Wild Horses (website)
The Missouri Wild Horse League was formed in 1992 to protect and maintain a small band of wild horses, approximately 20, which roam the lands surrounding the Current and Jack's Fork Rivers in Shannon County, Missouri.  The horses have been running free for over 100 years.  These horses are believed to have originated mainly from domestic animals that were freed during the Depression years due to the inability of the farmers to feed them.

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is a private horse sanctuary created by Dayton Hyde to provide a home for wild horses deemed unadoptable by BLM. The sanctuary depends largely on eco-tourism for income, and is a popular tourist destination.

TRNP Website - wild horses page Theodore Roosevelt National Park

North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry (NDBH) is a non-profit organization created in 2009 to support, document, register, and promote the horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. They work to find homes for horses being removed from the park.

Early in 2015 a Partnership Agreement between the park and NDBH provided an avenue to avoid public auctions. People interested in owning horses are screened as to their ability to house, care for, and train the animals. Anyone interested in applying to adopt a horse from the park can download application materials from the NDBH website, or by emailing NDBH directly.

North Dakota Badlands Horses
For all information go to

NDBH is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that promotes, advocates for, and registers horses removed from the park. Under the agreement, NDBH will develop a program to identify willing recipients who can provide long-term homes for the horses. Through direct sale, sealed bid, or auction, NDBH will assist park management in transferring horses to private owners. Proceeds will be used solely for covering costs incurred by NDBH and the park for the placement of animals. The agreement can be renewed after five years and does not preclude the concurrent development of other partnerships. 

Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry (NDBH) have signed a partnership agreement to facilitate transfer of excess feral horses from park lands in the South Unit to private ownership. The park maintains horses as an “historic demonstration herd” for visitor enjoyment, but these horses must be actively managed to avoid overgrazing and resource damage. 

Fort Polk Wild Horses in Louisiana

Fort Polk Horses of Kisatchie

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