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BLM-Managed Wild Horse & Burro Herd Management Areas:
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Learning about the specific herd management area where one's own horse or burro is from can enrich your appreciation for your adopted animal. It is in that spirit that these pages are offered. Do understand, however, that HMAs (Herd Management Areas) are not breeds. A horse or burro from one HMA has far more in common with all others from all other HMAs than it has differences. Within any particular HMA one will find variation in size, body type.

If you wish to know more about your horse or burro's ancestry, please also read the HISTORY section.

- Dennis Ferree, Outback Adventures


Idaho Map

Here is a picture of my mare, Glory Be, and her 6-hour-old foal, Freedom.

I bought Glory Be from the BLM in Burns, Oregon last November. She was gathered in Idaho last July, near Murphy.

She was sent to Burns to become part of a shipment of 50 over-ten year old horses purchased by a buyer in the Midwest. She was the only pinto in the entire facility, and being particularly fond of pintos I couldn't bear the idea of her being shipped to a questionable fate in the Midwest so I intervened and bought her.

Turns out I got two for the price of one! Freedom is two weeks old today, and I was finally able to handle Glory Be today for the first time since she gave birth.

I'd been told that she would probably revert and become wild and protective of her foal and she certainly did! Hell hath no fury like a mustang mare with a new foal!!!

- Jennifer Raymond

These are a few photos I took while leading small groups of friends to see the Wild Horses near Jump Creek the last three weeks. We backed off when we saw the new foal. I love the beauty of the Owyhees.
- Dennis Ferree
Outback Adventures

Idaho has 6 wild horse Herd Management Areas:

Name of HMAAMLCurrent PopulationAcreage

Black Mountain*




The adopter says, "This is a Hardtrigger mustang we adopted when she was 3 months old and now is five. 

Sands Basin*

Destino from Sands Basin in the Ohyhee Mtns of Idaho

Here's my Sands Basin 2 yr old gelding.  He was the last yearling colt left after the adoptions. He is solid chestnut color.  I plan to show him in Dressage and have my kids ride him as a Hunter Jumper.  He should come in at 15.2h.

He is the smartest horse I've ever worked, and my best friend. The other day I set up a jump shute.  He jumped the 4 foot guide instead of the small jump - because it looked like more fun???  He also loves to watch other horses work.  He wants to do the work. I like his type.  I think it is the true mustang look.  Long stride huge up hill build solid bone and great feet.  He floats at all 4 gaits!

I want to do more to help people train young mustangs.
warm Regards,
Annie McKillop





Saylor Creek

Saylor Creek horses on the range, photographed by Sue Kennedy


Saylor Creek
Current Population








* Due to their proximity to one another, these HMA's are being managed as a single Complex.


PHOTOS OF IDAHO WILD HORSES: Here are some photos I took at the Coeur d'Alene adoption this past weekend at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds (September 22, 2007).  The group of horses offered was from both the Hardtrigger and Black Mountain herd areas.  Most of them were shades of chestnut but there were a couple black horses.  Not sure if that is a good representation of those areas but that's just what was available for adoption.

- Laura Bray
Here is data about the 6 Idaho Herd Management Areas, as well as the 4 additional Herd Areas that have been zeroed out:

data from


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BLM Holding & Adoption Centers Long-Term Holding Facilities

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