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Captured Sheldon stud horse, photograph courtesy of Lesley Neuman

Wild Horses & Burros can be found in places other than BLM-managed areas. The type of management varies greatly, from a very committed sustainable program on Assateague Island to the brutal extinction efforts of Big Bend State Park in Texas and Sheldon USFWS Pronghorn Preserve's continuing quest to rid its area of wild horses.

The wild horse group most likely to come into contact with people are the Comstock/Virgina Range horses who live on private and County land in the Reno and Carson City areas, or some of the wild herds on the Atlantic seaboard. Corolla Island and Assateague Island are the best known of these.

If you wish to know more about your horse or burro's ancestry, please also read the HISTORY section.

Sheldon USFWS

BLM-Managed Wild Horse & Burro Herd Management Areas:
Arizona  California  Colorado  Idaho  Montana  Nevada  New Mexico  Oregon  Utah
BLM Holding & Adoption Centers
Long-Term Holding Facilities

Western States Non-BLM Wild Horse Areas:
State of Nevada Dept. of Agriculture (Reno-Area Comstock/Virginia Range "Estrays")


The US FOREST SERVICE has Wild Horse Territories (all western states) which are protected under the same laws as BLM horses and burros.