The Flaxen Gene is one of the few color genes that is recessive. Thus, it works only on the Red base color, which is also recessive. It causes the points to be diluted to light cream or white.

Without a genetics test for the presence or absence of Creme or Black, some Flaxen Chestnuts are hard to distinguish from Palominos. Others look much the same as Silver Dapple Bays.


The Haflinger is an example of an entire Flaxen Chestnut breed:

Cheryl Kavicky and Moses

Because both flaxen and chestnut (red) are recessive, they have no hidden color genes to pass on to their offspring. Therefore, all offspring of matings between two flaxen chestnuts are the same color: flaxen chestnut. In this way, it is possible for a breed to be color-specific, such as the Haflinger.



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