"P" - The Pangare, or Mealy gene

Pangare is responsible for 2, and possibly 3, color patterns:


Preliminary testing by a laboratory in France indicates that the "Wild" variant of AGOUTI (A+) rather than Pangare may be the agent causing the Seal Brown pattern. Apparently, all Seal Browns so far have tested positive for Agouti. Testing for Agouti is not yet available in the United States.

That horses bearing the "wild donkey" coloring (light muzzle, light circles around the eyes, light flanks, light behind the elbows, etc.) exist is undeniable, but whether this is a single genetic modifier responsible has apparently not been proven to everyone's satisfaction.

The horse on the left is seal brown/dark bay, and the horse on the right exhibits "Wild Donkey" or "Wild Type Bay" coloration.

  Angelo, showing "Wild Donkey" coloring on Bay - owned by Jacqui Crews of Florida

Sponenburg clearly identifies a gene "P" for Pangare. The Pangare/Mealy gene "P" causes light areas around the muzzle, eyes, flanks, and insides of the legs.

Pangare on sorrel creates "Belgian" sorrel.


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