Rabicano is a genetic modifier that creates a mealy, splotchy, or roan-like effect. Roaning is usually limited to the underside, flanks, legs, and tail head areas.

Left: Blue Roan; Right: Red Rabicano
Photo courtesy of Liz Cohen

Rabicano is often confused with true Roan. The above photo show both the similarities and differences.

Rabicano "Coon Tail"
Rubicanos have a 'coon tail' of white barring at the tail head. Sometimes this is the only sign of Rabicano. Other times, there may be extensive roaning in the flanks and hindquarters. 

Rabicano BLM filly

Rubicano is similar to Sabino in that the underside, legs and flanks have the most white splotches.  It is similar to Roan, in that it involves white hairs mixed into the base coat, but is its own genetic package.

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