Art DiGrazia, Facility Manager, and friendly mares

Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse & Burro Corrals

Established in 1982, through cooperation with the Naval Weapons Station and Death Valley National Park, this facility is designed to support wild horse and burro management activities throughout the three-state region of Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.

There are twenty-two wild horse and burro herd management areas located throughout Southern California. Professional Wranglers based at this facility perform roundups throughout the year in order to keep these herd management areas in thriving ecological balance with their habitat.

At this facility, captured animals are prepared for adoption, which includes vaccinations, worming and blood tests and branding. During this 30 - 45 day period, the animals are fed daily, acclimating the animals to domestically grown hay. On an average year, the corrals will prepare more than 1,000 animals.

The facility sits on 57 acres of Navy-withdrawn and BLM lands just four (4) miles east of Ridgecrest CA., on the Randsburg-Wash Road off California Highway 178.

The facility is available for individual and group tours and has a nice little dirt perimeter road allowing the motorist a quality view of the animals.

Adoptions are by appointment only by calling (760) 384-5765 or 1-800-951-8720.

For more information about the Wild Horse and Burro program contact Art DiGrazia, California Desert District Wild Horse and Burro program leader, (760) 384-5764 or e-mail Art Digrazia.


RIDGECREST BLM CORRALS, photos taken February, 2008

Young burro gentled and trained by BLM employee, Stacy Peters



Curious colts


Special Needs Colt - needs clubfoot surgery

Curious baldface colt

Young colts having fun

Sabino Roan - not a gray!
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