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Mustang, General Horse, Mule, and Burro (Donkey) Training VIDEOS
by "Video Mike" Kerson

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You've Adopted
a Mustang or Burro!

Howdy!  Loved the video.  Donít know how you did it, but many have attempted without much luck.  It is just what new adopters need to give them confidence and simple initial moves.  Iím thrilled. 
- Dawn Lappin

With Adoption of a Wild Horse (Mustang) or Burro from the
California Bureau of Land Management
(not available in other states or for sale anywhere, including this website.) For California holding facilities, see:

Not just one system or one trainer, but instead this video features tips and actual working video footage from a wide range of volunteers who are Mustang and Burro adopters, ranging from first-time horse owners to experienced professionals. Everything you need to get started with gentling and halter-training.

That is a great DVD.  It would be great for any one when they start with a young or wild horse.  It was great. - Mary Pollard

I think we have "loaned out" and forced all of our friends and neighbors to watch the CD on the wild horses, it is a very good training film for everyone.  Now all my neighbors want a mustang! - Carol Belmore

Video Mike's

Always Exciting & Educational for the Whole Family
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Lesley Neuman:
The First Touch
Gentling Your Mustang
1 Hour, 30 Minutes

Crystal Ward:
Donkey Training
2 Hours

Jerry Tindell:
The Ten Most Wanted, Part 1:
(most horses in video are BLM Mustangs
  • Catching

  • Leading

  • Handling the Feet

  • Avoiding Pushiness

  • Helping the Cinchy or Over-Reactive Horse or Mule


1 hr. 35 minutes

Jerry Tindell:
Starting Over
With Rachel, the Troubled Mule

3 hours

  • Round Pen

  • Catching

  • Leading

  • Rope Work,

  •  Saddling for the First Time

  • First Rides

Kitty Lauman:
From Wild To Willing
3 Hours

Lauman Training:

Lauman Training:

Lauman Training:
Tools, Tips, & Tricks of the Trade
3 Hours


What Color Is That? A Quick Guide to Horse Color Identification
This is a BOOK,
not a Video:

Working with Wild Horses

A Handbook of
Gentling and Training Tips

By Nancy Kerson

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Paperback $22 or
Downloadable E-Book $7.50